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Click on a topic for a complete explanation of common attacks, how to identify them and how to prevent them.
Internet Attacks
How to protect yourself
It's your turn
Member Awareness:  User's Guide to Internet Attack Prevention
 Overview of Internet attacks on Individuals

Here are the most common Internet based attacks directed toward the individual PC user. Click on the description link below for a full explanation.
Key Logging Is someone "watching" your keyboard?
Phishing Don't get hooked by SCAMers.  Know what to look for.
Pharming Do you know if this is the REAL website?
On-line Fraud An overview of how crooks are stealing YOUR money.
Viruses What are they?  How do I get them?  How do I get rid of them?
Vishing                       Is the person calling for real?  The Caller ID is good, but are they?

Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself.
PC Protection How Should you protect your PC?
Secure Passwords What makes a password secure - and why?
Secure Transactions How to know you're safe when using websites.
Wireless Security Do you know who may be "listening in" on your web traffic?