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E-Commerce Program: GAP Analysis, Policy and Procedure Development 
 E-Commerce Program Development


CastleGarde utilizes a tiered approach in our methodology for developing an E-Commerce Program. We adhere to the guidelines provided by NCUA in their E-Commerce Guide and 2008 Strategic Planning Seminar, and FFIEC’s E-Banking Handbook.  

As defined by CastleGarde, the following terminology will be used in the development of the policy and standards framework:
  • E-Commerce Policy and Procedures Review GAP Analysis will be performed and documented. This comparison of existing policies and procedures relative to recommended policies and procedures will provide a roadmap for the development of the E-Commerce Program.
  • E-Commerce Policy is a high level policy document incorporating those items recommended by NCUA.  This document is approved by the Board of Directors as the overall E-Commerce Policy.   
  • E-Commerce Standards and Procedures address each topical area outlined in the policy. The standards also define the planning process, the selection process, and the vendor selection process describing how to assess potential risks, implement, and monitor various e-commerce activities. Procedures map directly to the standards and specify directions for complying with those standards.

E-Commerce Program Deliverables

Once final approval is received from the Credit Union, CastleGarde will deliver a full hardcopy and an electronic version of the following on a CD in a standard, machine readable format (Microsoft Word 2003).
  • E-Commerce – Board Level GAP Analysis Report
  • E-Commerce Program – Board Policy
  • E-Commerce Program Standards and Procedures document