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Identity Theft Prevention Program
 Identity Theft Prevention Program

Policy and Procedures Development

CastleGarde will develop and document a comprehensive Identity Theft Prevention Program as required by regulation strictly adhering to NCUA requirements and guidelines. 

The Identity Theft Prevention Program will be created using the credit union’s existing procedures and processes, NCUA requirements and guidelines, and CastleGarde best practices and experience.  The Identity Theft Prevention Program will be documented by CastleGarde and presented to the credit union for review and final approval.

The standards and procedures document will include:

  • A list of currently relevant identity theft red flags
  • Procedures for detecting the identified red flags
  • Procedures for responding to detected red flags

The final step in the process is creating an online Identity Theft Prevention Awareness training presentation.  The online training allows individuals to access the training at the credit union’s convenience.

Identity Theft Program Deliverables

CastleGarde will deliver a full hardcopy and an electronic version of the Identity Theft Prevention Program documents on a CD in a standard, machine-readable format (Microsoft Word 2003 and PowerPoint 2003).  The credit union is provided access to their Identity Theft Awareness training through CastleGarde’s secure web server for one year.