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End User Training On-Site and Web Based Training
 End User Training - On-Site and Web-Based
CastleGarde creates a customized training presentation at the conclusion of each assignment based on information in your Information Security Standards and Procedures Manual. Each training sessions generally runs 60-75 minutes. CastleGarde will accommodate up to 4 sessions during the training day.

At the conclusion of training, the CastleGarde trainer, at the direction of the Credit Union, will document that the participants have completed the training as specified in the NCUA requirement.
CastleGarde provides web-based training in addition to the instructor led training as a standard part of all Information Security Program contracts. These services are managed by CastleGarde and run on a CastleGarde secured server.

CastleGarde’s web-based online training puts information where it’s most useful – in the hands of your employees. Online training has a number of unique characteristics that make it a superior choice to meet your required information security training objectives: 
  • Consistent – The content and delivery of online training does not vary by trainer or event
  • Flexible – Online training may be rolled out to people in multiple geographies simultaneously
  • Cost Effective – Online training reduces the total cost of training
The online training allows individuals to access the training at the credit union’s convenience.  Online training is available to an unlimited number of concurrent users, eliminating concerns with the coordination of staff scheduling.  A record of the individuals completing the training and their test score is available to the training administrator and may be printed and retained to document compliance.