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Information System Forensics:  Evidence Gathering Data Analysis
 Computer Forensic Investigation
As the government issues guidelines and regulations in regards to non-public information, Credit Unions and their service providers may need to constantly evaluate, monitor, and improve the security and privacy measures within their organization. Intrusion detection, incident response, forensics and support for litigations are all areas that should be focused on immediately.
Computer forensic and litigation support services encompass all areas of business operations. These services consist of providing cost effective, forensic and litigation support services to our clients in a professional format.
Forensic services can perform the following tasks on behalf of the client:
  • Provide professional and timely services after computer intrusions, hacking, and allegations of employee misconduct, fraud or embezzlement
  • Perform services associated with discovering, securing, analyzing and reporting information from computer systems, networks, and other media
  • Plan, conduct, and direct seizures of equipment or electronic data
  • Forensic mirroring and data duplication
  • Data analysis
  • Recovery of deleted data
  • Evidence presentation
  • Perform structured analysis of critical Credit Union data to uncover indicators of frauds
  • Provide guidance on securing the exploited response against future intrusions