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Online Multi-Factor Authentication Assessment 
 Multi-Factor Authentication Risk Assessment

The Multi-Factor Authentication Assessment encompasses the areas necessary to ensure that the credit union information security program meets the guidelines and requirements as follows:

  • Identify and assess the risks associated with current Credit Union Internet and telephone based products and services
  • Identify risk mitigation actions and controls, including appropriate authentication strength
  • Evaluates customer awareness efforts
  • Evaluates multifactor authentication controls, layered security controls, or other controls in use to mitigate risk as to adequacy in meeting government guidelines
Our Multi-Factor Authentication Assessment process includes a review of the credit union’s current electronic services to determine if multifactor authentication is required along with comprehensive external testing of your multi-factor authentication solution. The scope of the analysis includes our traditional External Vulnerability Assessment services which includes penetration testing on the device(s)/IP address(es) associated with the solution as well as the use of a test account to access and assess the solution to evaluate the overall security of both the MFAA deployment and the web pages associated with the home banking product.